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Foundry is a team dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs looking for direction and better forging their solutions. Open to alumni of the Coopérathon and Startup en Résidence, but also to all entrepreneurs, the Foundry offers guidance and support so that you can better find your way in our large Quebec entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As this initiative is part of the Open Innovation Department (DIO) of Desjardins Group, it offers prototyping experts, technological tools, a beta testing service, cutting-edge training, access to a pool of technological experts and a network of partners anchored in the community, in addition to a concierge service ready to guide you, connect you and support you in your projects.

See the Foundry events during the Coopérathon.




Startup in Residence (SiR) is an 8-month accelerator program for Canadian startups with a focus on positive socio-economic impact in financial, health, real estate or other emerging technologies targeted by SiR.  The accelerator can invest up to $250,000 in participating companies that meet very specific criteria.

 Recruitment is done through a call for applications and occasionally through spontaneous applications.

 To participate in a SiR cohort, the company must:

  1. operate a business incorporated in Canada,
  2. at a minimum, have a working prototype of your solution that is ready for launch (pre-marketing),
  3. have at least one of the co-founders working full time in the startup,
  4. have growth potential,
  5. have a management team made up of individuals who are motivated, collaborative and open to coaching and who have both a business- and IT-oriented profile.


SiR is a leader in coaching startups founders to support innovation in disruptive technologies serving Canadian communities.

To learn more about the program, or to apply:



providing strategic and financial support

Whatever your needs or goals, we have advice and expertise you can count on at every stage of the business life cycle.

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ensuring startup success

Starting a new business takes serious time and preparation.

We've put together some startup guidance so you can learn more about how to create, finance and launch your business. Make your business dreams a reality with the right partners and tools at your disposal.

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helping your business grow

Our experts will guide you every step of the way

Whether you're looking to boost production, innovate, modernize, buy (mergers and acquisitions) or transfer a business, our experts will work with you to make your expansion plan a reality.

Desjardins offers a unique advantage

Desjardins, along with its subsidiary Desjardins Capital, is one of the only financial institutions to offer various types of support and unlimited financing options all under one roof, to better meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

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supporting and financing tech companies

Have you decided to try your luck in the tech sector? Desjardins understands the industry's unique needs and realities, and has developed a financing solution just for the tech sector. Our SaaS Financing solution is tailored to the recurring revenue business model.

Our teams also provide support throughout the marketing process.

Have questions about what we have to offer tech companies? Schedule a call with our team.

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Online Business Center (OBC)


The OBC supports and rounds out the caisse network, Desjardins Business centres and complementary networks.

  1. To support business members' growth and development.
  2. To contribute to the digital shift by providing online and phone support to all businesses.
  3. To provide remote business services and assist micro-businesses with development and banking management using a relationship-based approach.


Montreal NewTech has been driving the Montreal innovation community since 2008, and its initiatives, meetings, startup demos, hackathons, workshops, etc., bring together thousands of entrepreneurs along with industry leaders, professionals, investors, students, developers, engineers, designers and researchers each year; to explore, experiment, and execute collaborative projects in new technologies.The organization brings together a community of innovation and technology enthusiasts who firmly believe that it is through generosity and collaboration within the Montreal ecosystem and beyond that we can bring ambitious innovations to help transform businesses digitally, sustain entrepreneurs, and advance our society in a sustainable way.

Montréal New Tech




Fundica is a free online financing search tool for startups, SMEs and large for-profit businesses that lists all federal, provincial and municipal government grants, tax credits, loans and equity as well as investments available through private-sector funders.



Mission of this online system: To make it easier for for-profit businesses to search for public and private financing programs.

How: The system uses 36 search criteria over 20 filters, making it more comprehensive than any other service of its kind.

Funders, an internal research team and smart robots keep this interactive system up to date. The search tool effectively filters available sources of financing and allows users to customize the results.

When searching on Fundica, businesses can see:

  1. A summary of the financing program
  2. Eligible expenses
  3. The financing program's limits
  4. Any available guides and/or forms
  5. Contact information for the representative responsible for the program in question


The tool also includes a section on incubators and accelerators. The information is listed in order of relevance based on the profile the business owner created, just as it is for grants.

Visit Fundica




Offer online legal services and documents that meet the specific needs of consumers and SMEs. Thanks to our interactive platform, the user will be able to obtain a tailor-made document.


Scripta Legal interactive platform has been designed to:

  1. that customers navigate and use it easily, even without specific legal knowledge,
  2. allow customers to access legal document drafting services from an internet connection;
  3. offer a variety of services that meet the majority of consumer and SME needs for relatively simple situations;
  4. offer a wide range of legal documents adapted to the specific needs of the clientele, thanks to its interactive platform.

Our interactive and scalable platform allows you to instantly generate high-quality personalized legal documents online: constitution of a joint-stock company, corporate resolutions, conventions, agreements, contracts, etc.

In addition, Scripta Legal offers the possibility of consulting very experienced lawyers in various fields of law. Scripta Legal's predetermined and transparent pricing makes it possible to offer affordable prices compared to traditional hourly billing.

Scripta Legal legal documents are designed by notaries and lawyers, which allows you to benefit from high quality online documents tailored to specific needs.

Thanks to its interactive online platform, Scripta Legal is the solution of the future to offer legal services at affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

Our collaborative platform focuses on the needs of businesses (we will not offer documents to individuals).

Desjardins Business members can benefit from a 10% discount on the documents ordered.

Visit Scripta Legal



Fasken is one of the largest business law firms in Canada with more than 750 lawyers and agents across four continents.Growing companies need legal expertise that spans all continents and across all industries and practice areas. Fasken offers solutions in all areas of law and for almost all industries and sectors.

Visit Fasken



What is B.E.T.A. ?

B.E.T.A.’s mission is to provide entrepreneurs an opportunity to accomplish their objectives by starting on a good foot: with a great beta experience.

Beta testing isn’t always easy— from finding the right people, getting usable and quality feedback, to limited budgets. However, it’s so critical in the success of any product. Hence why we formed the Better Exchange Testing Alliance (B.E.T.A.); to propel projects forward by giving them an environment to test their projects quickly, effectively, and all while contributing to the community.

We’ve all been there, and it can be hard to formulate the right questionnaire, get valuable data and then analyze it after. After working with and for so many startups going through the same issue, we decided to co-create in partnership between DesjardinsFasken, and SoulLabs a solution to help others with their beta testing. We call it the Better Exchange Testing Alliance (B.E.T.A.)!

B.E.T.A. offers you coaching, guidelines, templates and a platform to help your startups beta test their products or services. The full service is free, on the premise that those who request beta testing will fill in beta tests for others.

B.E.T.A. Code of Ethics

Numbers count! Test the others projects

In order for this community to yield results for all, all members must contribute as a tester for the others projects. This community relies on you to test as many projects as possible.

Exchange ideas with respect

It goes without saying that respect towards the other members and their ideas is a fundamental rule. We want this community to encourage the flow of knowledge and ideas. Contrary views are totally normal, but please make sure your comments and feedback are constructive. We will not tolerate insults, defamatory statements, obscene or discriminatory language. We will not hesitate to expel any member on this basis.

This is not another promo venue

We want to avoid that this group becomes yet another promotional showcase, like many other groups that already exist, self-promotion, in public or in private, is strictly prohibited. We consider self-promotion as links to your website or social media and posts or messages about your services or project (other than as necessary in the testing context of course).

Test the others surveys like you would like yours to be tested

When testing another member’s project, please be professional. The results of a beta test will have real impact on the trajectory of members’ product or services. Test and respond to the others surveys like you would want another member to test and respond to yours. You have more power than you think!

Protect the others ideas

In this group, you will see a lot of ideas that may be shared publicly for the first time. As a tester, you will be asked to sign an Intellectual Property Assignment and Confidentiality Agreement to make sure that any feedback you may give during a beta test becomes the propriety of the startup. As you know, for a tech startup, intellectual property is everything! It is imperative that the terms agreed and undertakings made under this agreement are respected.


Join the Community

Join our community on Global and on Facebook to start sharing beta testing services with your colleagues. A reminder, the B.E.T.A. is mainly used to recruit beta testers for free.

However, this description only scratches the surface:

    1. Hire beta testers who match your target audience
    2. Exchange testing services between community members
    3. Learn more about creating a great beta test

What are you waiting for?!



Propel your company with our technological know-how
Using a mathematical approach to design effective applications that allow companies to become a leader in their field.
Our goal with our passion for software for more than 20 years is the success of our business partners and to support them.

Visit the site TrampolineLab



Our goal is to help you Capitanas ship your ideas to save the world, smarter with Design Thinking, faster with Design Sprints, and by building better with No-Code.


Accelerating the Time to Lasting Social Impact
Our world is sinking – response time is key.
Women are being called to lead. We help you navigate through the design and technical storms, equipping you with everything you need to get started on your journey as a founder – one that is working towards creating more good in the world.


Captain without a crew?
Not a problem! Become the woman of your own social entrepreneurial dreams while supporting other women.
Work with a borderless team of women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and immigrants, that are experts in design, tech, and social good. Co-create in a safe space and put your self-doubt to rest!
One facilitated session is all we need to take your tech-baby from a concept to holding the first interactive version in your hand.

Learn time & cost-effective ways to take your idea from paper to a clickable prototype. You’ll be able to pick up techniques for problem-solving used by startups and giant tech companies. No previous design experience required. For individuals or a group of up to 5 people.



NeedsList is a woman-founded, real-time needs registry for disaster relief and humanitarian aid. The platform aggregates needs from vetted nonprofits, matching them with corporate resources to increase the speed, efficiency, and transparency of crisis response.

Visit the site Design off The Boat


Information available soon.