Table of Contents

  1. What is Foundry?
  2. What is a Mockup?
  3. What is a Prototype?
  4. What is a Pilot / MVP?
  5. Mockup vs Prototype vs Pilot


What is foundry ?

Foundry is a team dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs looking for direction and better forging their solutions.

Open to alumni of the Coopérathon and Startup en Résidence participants, but also to all entrepreneurs, the Foundry offers you guidance and support so that you can better find your way in our large Quebec entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This initiative is part of the Desjardins Open Innovation team, and offers prototyping experts, technological tools, a beta testing service, cutting-edge training, access to a pool of technological experts and a network of partners rooted in the community, in addition to a concierge service ready to guide you, connect you and support you in your projects.


what is a mockup?

Also called Proof Of Concept (POC) ; is a design term, which designates a very short preliminary experimental realization illustrating a method or an idea in order to demonstrate its feasibility.

Often confused with a prototype when the model is not functional (it’s still a drawing) but allows the functionalities to be presented. A proof of concept shows whether a product, feature or system can be developed, while a prototype shows how it will be developed. 


    • Visually present your idea (user interface, object, flow, etc.)
    • Recognize a problem, an inconsistency or a technical impossibility
    • Improve and iterate quickly without a graphic designer or technical person
    • Save time for the implementation of the prototype
    • Estimate the complexity and therefore the design time




Marvell AppFigmaPlaceItMockUperCanva = Magic MockupsDunnnk

what is a prototype ?

Prototype [from the Greek prôtotupos, primitive]: original model which presents the main technical and functional characteristics of the future product. The prototype can be a material object, or an immaterial object (service, software). The prototype is to be differentiated from the mockup which is generally made before.


♦ The first prototype generally focuses on the visible part of the solution, called the “front-end”, or user interface (UI), in order to for example:

      • Present and validate with clients
      • Confirm some user interface requirements
      • Estimate the development (time, cost, workload)
      • Market the product before the official launch of the product.

♦ The second prototype will allow the development of certain functionalities around a typical user scenario and thus address the non-visible part of the product, the “back-end”

      • Better define the “back-end” architecture (network, performance, etc.)
      • Estimate the type and volume of data

The hardware prototype will allow it to switch from the virtual model to a physical object in order to perform a functional validation (is it usable?)


Designer UX/UI


Adobe XEAxureFoundationDummy


what is a pilot / mvp ?

Pilots are often used as the first step before deploying a new solution. Rather than a test or experiment, this is a “live” activity, usually with a small group of real users.

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) makes it possible to accelerate the learning of a possible solution while using a minimum of resources. It does this by testing only the essential core of your concept (rather than the complete solution) with real users in practice.

A pilot gets your core digital product or service out in the wild in a controlled way, such that any issues don’t result in significant damage to the product or your organisation. The aim is to get your product or service to a point where it’s fit for a full launch, and the process could last anything from a few weeks to several months. (Softwire)


Use when you think you have an effective solution and are looking to fine tune and understand how it works in real life. By offering a partially implemented concept to a limited population, it is possible to see what is really going on.


Most of the skills you need to make your final product (eg developer, designer, etc.).


mockup vs prototype vs pilot

So C Po C Prototype Pilot Mvp Diagram

So C Po C Prototype Pilot Mvp Table

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