Better Exchange Testing Alliance

Table of Contents

  1. What is B.E.T.A.?
  2. Code of Ethics of B.E.T.A.
  3. Unit 1 : Is my product ready for beta testing?
  4. Unit 2 : B.E.T.A testing checklist for success
  5. Unit 3 : How does beta testing work?
  6. Unit 4 : Defining a target audience
  7. Unit 5: Beta testing KPIs and metrics
  8. Unit 6 : Protect your IP!
  9. Join the community!


what is B.E.T.A. ?

B.E.T.A.’s mission is to provide entrepreneurs an opportunity to accomplish their objectives by starting on a good foot: with a great beta experience.

Beta testing isn’t always easy— from finding the right people, getting usable and quality feedback, to limited budgets. However, it’s so critical in the success of any product. Hence why we formed the Better Exchange Testing Alliance (B.E.T.A.); to propel projects forward by giving them an environment to test their projects quickly, effectively, and all while contributing to the community.

We’ve all been there, and it can be hard to formulate the right questionnaire, get valuable data and then analyze it after. After working with and for so many startups going through the same issue, we decided to co-create in partnership between Desjardins, Fasken, and SoulLabs a solution to help others with their beta testing. We call it the Better Exchange Testing Alliance (B.E.T.A.)!

B.E.T.A. offers you coaching, guidelines, templates and a platform to help your startups beta test their products or services. The full service is free, on the premise that those who request beta testing will fill in beta tests for others.

Code of Ethics of B.E.T.A..

Numbers count! Test the others projects

In order for this community to yield results for all, all members must contribute as a tester for the others projects. This community relies on you to test as many projects as possible.

Exchange ideas with respect

It goes without saying that respect towards the other members and their ideas is a fundamental rule. We want this community to encourage the flow of knowledge and ideas. Contrary views are totally normal, but please make sure your comments and feedback are constructive. We will not tolerate insults, defamatory statements, obscene or discriminatory language. We will not hesitate to expel any member on this basis.

This is not another promo venue

We want to avoid that this group becomes yet another promotional showcase, like many other groups that already exist, self-promotion, in public or in private, is strictly prohibited. We consider self-promotion as links to your website or social media and posts or messages about your services or project (other than as necessary in the testing context of course).

Test the others surveys like you would like yours to be tested

When testing another member’s project, please be professional. The results of a beta test will have real impact on the trajectory of members’ product or services. Test and respond to the others surveys like you would want another member to test and respond to yours. You have more power than you think!

Protect the others ideas

In this group, you will see a lot of ideas that may be shared publicly for the first time. As a tester, you will be asked to sign an Intellectual Property Assignment and Confidentiality Agreement to make sure that any feedback you may give during a beta test becomes the propriety of the startup. As you know, for a tech startup, intellectual property is everything! It is imperative that the terms agreed and undertakings made under this agreement are respected.

Unit 1: Is my product ready for beta testing?

Unit 2: BETA testing checklist for success

Unit 3: How does beta testing work?




Unit 4: Defining a target audience



Unit 5: Beta testing KPIs and metrics


Unit 6: Protect your IP!



Join the community

Join our community on Global and on Facebook to start sharing beta testing services with your colleagues. A reminder, the B.E.T.A. is mainly used to recruit beta testers for free. However, this description only scratches the surface:

  • Hire beta testers who match your target audience
  • Exchange testing services between community members
  • Learn more about creating a great beta test

What are you waiting for?!