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Since 2016, Cooperathon has been a steadfast and profoundly human journey:

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  • An incredible variety of solutions proposed by collective intelligence, leveraged by data science and technology, and aligning with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals
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  • A community of ambitious entrepreneurs and partners from the Canadian innovation ecosystem, dedicated to diversity and inclusion and the desire to build a shared prosperity

Cooperathon participants are called upon to find innovative solutions, using data science and artificial intelligence, to tackle socio-economic challenges such as:

Innovating by leveraging data for human health.

Developing and promoting responsible consumption at the urban and peri-urban levels, including in the agri-food production, processing, and distribution.

Harnessing artificial intelligence to accelerate the development of a circular economy and reduce the impacts of climate change.

Facilitating mutual and sustainable enrichment between seniors and youth by sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Achieve the Net Zero target for the supply chain.

These examples of open innovation challenges have been proposed by major partner companies such as:

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